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I have been writing for a number of years and am looking for a traditional publisher, meanwhile my books are available on Amazon.

I write short stories and novels.


Dan Edwards wins the lottery. It’s not the jackpot and he decides to set up his own business.
Surprising himself and his friends he starts a car breaker’s yard. How hard can it be?
He soon finds out. Rival yard owners don’t want the newcomer succeeding and will go to any lengths to stop him. The violent harassment leads to a death.
Vowing to bring the killer to justice he fights back.
He discovers someone, a colleague, a friend, is betraying him. Can he find the traitor before time runs out and he’s killed?
With his own life and that of his son in danger he must confront his rivals head on if he is to remain unbroken.

The breakthrough novel by Michael Gasson pitches the reader on a roller-coaster ride from elation to despair and finally happiness.

...but names will never hurt me?

Vyvyan Wilde was brutally bullied at school because of his name.
Little did his tormentors know he would come back for revenge. They stole his childhood so he stole their children. Vyvyan Wilde is back in town and he’s in control.
Inspector Phil Davis is working hard to catch the murderer terrorising the fenland town he lives in.
Desperate fathers doing whatever it takes to save their children hope Davis can help them.
And then his son disappears.
Davis knows he has little time to catch the killer if he’s to save his son.

Old Scores And New Wars

Two retired policemen now working as security guards are shot dead.
Is Inspector Davis facing an armed feud on his patch or is it the past catching up with them?
Facing pressure from his boss to clear up the case quickly, Davis has suspects galore.
But the deaths continue as Davis asks, is this old scores being settled or a new war?

Coffee Break Specials

A collection of twenty two short stories.

All of these books are available on Amazon - search for Michael Gasson

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